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General Notes

  • You need an HTML 5 compatible browser
  • You can have Always-On or On-Demand, with Always-On you pay the running instance and the user can connect instantly, with On-Demand you need a minimum number of instances that are in stopped mode but you always pay for these stopped instances (less than running but you pay). When your users connect in 2 minutes a stopped instance become available and they connect. To create new instances they are necessary 10/20 minutes instead.

How it works

There are so much details in the youtube presentation but basically each appstream machine has 2 network cards one is connected to the appstream gateway and another one is connected to our vpc with the subnet and the security group that we specify in the fleet



  1. Configure your image (optional): you can use a preconfigured image with the default app or create a custom one with only the app that you need
  2. Create your fleet : when you create the fleet you need to specify the image created in the previous step , also the vpc subnet and security group , don't use the option of internet but put the appstream where it should be
  3. Create a stack: and associate to this new stack the fleet that you have created in the previous step.
  4. Create an user: in the «User Pool» field and associate the user just created with the stack of the previous step
  5. Inizialize the user: the user will receive an email with a password that will be forced to change at the first use and login again . At this point he can use the the appstream

The image builder

Build an image is a time consuming operation , after that you build you can copy from the web console to another region but always in the same account.

Currently our SDK support that in the following way

In addition to what the API mentions it is possible add the following :

sourceImageName: image-name
sourceAwsAccountId: 2889xxxxxxxxxx
targetAwsAccountIds: [01198xxxxxxx] 

Request Syntax
   "DestinationImageDescription": "string",
   "DestinationImageName": "string",
   "DestinationRegion": "string",
   "SourceImageName": "string"

so it is the possible workaround and copy between accounts, I have not tested anyway

Change the key format in mac

brew install putty
puttygen yourKey.pem -o yourKey.ppk -O private


  • for a fleet pass from stopped to running, they say 10 minutes but in my experience, it is at least 20

if you want to change some settings like security group you need to stop before

Okta integration

The guide in the AWS doc is well written


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