Amazon Cli Iam

reference for the commands

list all the users in a gruop

aws iam get-group --group-name development --query 'Users[*].[UserName]' --output text

create an user and add to a group

aws iam create-user --user-name $1
aws iam add-user-to-group --user-name $1 --group-name mygroupname

find who belong some key


for line in $( aws iam list-users --query 'Users[*].[UserName]' --output text); do
   echo $line
    aws iam list-access-keys --user-name $line --query 'AccessKeyMetadata[*].[AccessKeyId]' --output text | grep AAAABBBBCCCC1112233

### Change the passsword from CLI

aws iam   update-login-profile --user-name myIAMUsername --password mySecretPassword
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