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Amazon Web Services in Plain English

very useful

Punto centrale di documentazione a partire da questa pagina ci sono i riferimenti per tutto.

Il blog e in particolare il blog sulla security un altro per la security

Video on amazon


Official Masterclass


Seminari in italiano basta registrarsi gratuitamente.
Appunti delle cose studiate qui webminar

Compute C.

C.1 Elastic Load Balancing

Elastic Load Balancing

C.2 Elastick Beanstalk

Amazon Elastick Beanstalk is a very powerful tool

C.3 EC2

Info per la gestione di ec2
EBS Multi Attach, connect the same volumes to multiple instances

C.4 EC2 Container Service

C5. Spot Instances

C6. Lambda

AWS Lambda

C7 Step Functions

AWS Step Functions

C8 Import Export

If you want copy your on premise images from your tradictional infrastructure to AWS AWS Import Export

C9 Limits

It is possible checks the limit from the Trusted Advisor Dashboard web console, but there is also a nice serverles system proposed by AWS to monitor the limits and receive emails , the "limitation" of this check limit solution is that you need to have a Business- or Enterprise-level AWS Support
the same project is also on github

S&I. Security & Identity

S&I.1 IAM Management

come amministrare le utenze in amazon

S&I.2 Directory Service

Amazon Directory Service

S&I.3 Cognito

Amazon Cognito


Amazon WAF

Database - RDS , Database relazionali as a service

Informazioni e sintesi sulla sezione rds
Aurora Serverless

STS Assume Role

Amazon STS Assumer Role


Amazon Athena Serverless query analyser

Storage ST.

ST.1 Simple Storage Service (S3)

Store and retrieve any amount of data at any time, from anywhere on the web.
amazon s3 storage

ST.2 Glacier

Long time archiving for date Amazon Glacier

ST.3 CloudFront

The new CloudFront Content Delivery Optimization, can help you optimize the delivery of your content from Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).
Save money by delivering your content with Amazon CloudFront instead of directly from Amazon S3.
When you use Amazon CloudFront, requests for your content are automatically routed to the edge location nearest the requester, and your content is cached so it can be delivered with lower latency. When the data transferred is more than 10 TB per month, pricing for Amazon CloudFront is lower than data transferred directly from Amazon S3.
SSL on CloudFront to host static s3 website

ST.4 Kinesis

Manage Streams with Amazon Kinesis

ST.5 DynamoDB

Use Amazon DynamoDB


Amazon EFS and its parents


Amazon Elastic Search

Automation A.

A.1 CloudFormation

Amazon CloudFormation

A.2 OpsWorks

Amazon Ops Works

A3. Code Commit - Code Deploy - CodePipeline

Code Commit Deploy Pipeline



SE.3 Services


Amazon SES


Amazon SNS

SE.3 SQS Queue system
an alternative to amazon

people that doesn't like amazon queue

SE.4 Zocalo

integrate with active directory
it is oriented to edit and receive feedback of documents

SE.5 CloudWatch

Amazon CloudWatch

SE.6 API Gateway

Amazon API Gateway

SE.6 Workspace

Amazon Workspace

SE7. Rekognition

Amazon Rekognition

SE8. AppStream 2.0

Amazon Appstream 2.0


Amazon GuardDuty

NE. Networking

NE.1 Route53


NE.2 VPC and VPN for AWS

Info per la creazione e gestione dell'ambiente vpc

Secrets Manager


Serverless amazon and other

Altra documentazione

Altri articoloi
Amazon EC2 Technical FAQs
Documentation che si ottine dall'help quando si è loggati
ec2 tipi prezzi ecc.

new CLI

Info to manage the new CLI

Useful tips

Befor start to use amazon, some useful tips to know

AWS RoadShow, Dublin

I attended this conference and here there are the slides interesting

Migration in amazon

Migrating Enterprise Applications to AWS

Integration with Vmware

it is possible connect the vCenter to amazon and manage the machine in amazon from the vcenter and also import a machine from our vmware environment to amazon aws


Amazon Certification

Wordpress HA/Scalable

Scaling and High Availability for Wordpress in Amazon

Vagrant and Chef Solo: bootstrapping an EC2 WordPress instance

Programming with amazon

Programming with amazon

Nice projects machines less

Ephemera this guy has create a service for passwords sharing using only aws services

  • S3
  • API Gateway
  • Lambda
  • Key Management Service

Support Partner and solutions


AWS optimizer


AWS Diagram and Schema

API Emulation
to have the was API on your laptop and do testing at 0 cost.

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