Amazon Dynamodb

Backup and restore

  • There are On Demand backup and Point in time backup

On Demand

DynamoDB backups do not guarantee causal consistency across items; however, the skew between updates in a backup is usually much less than a second.

You can't overwrite an existing table during a restore operation.

This is the list of what will not be restored and you need to setup :

  • Auto scaling policies
  • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies
  • Amazon CloudWatch metrics and alarms
  • Tags
  • Stream settings
  • Time To Live (TTL) settings

Point in time

LatestRestorableDateTime is typically 5 minutes before the current time.
The point-in-time recovery process always restores to a new table.
The retention period is a fixed 35 days (five calendar weeks) and can't be modified.


From what i have understood (i'm still a beginner of dynamodb) to do an export you need to do a scan, in the small course that i have followed they said DON'T DO SCAN this kills performance ecc.

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