Amazon Import Export

I have successfully imported from vmware ova to aws ami and run without problems the instance generated.

The process is very well documented in the page especially in the section "Image Import"

It is nice have some clear points:

  • there isn't a webconsole today 19 October 2016 you can use only by PowerShell (windows), CLI (Linux), SDK (many languages)
  • you can use external tool to do that but I haven't tried them, AWS Connector for vCenter and for Microsoft SCVMM , you can find how to in the aws documentation
  • In the documentation there are two kind of import Image or Instance , from the option the Image option is for sure the best choice with less limitation.

On 24th October 2016 there was a remarkable update on this kind of import operation , you can see the post on AWS blog here . Now it is possible to do an hot import of a machine, this is interesting for very big machines to reduce the service disruption.

before deliver in "production" the new image remove the key file in /home/ec2-user/.ssh/authorized_key


When you import a Linux machine you need to install the cloud-init program so when you create a machine the key is stored the user-data script is run ecc.

The hostname situation

by default any image take the name from the from but it is not possible change at this level

I checked with the Support Operations team just to be sure and unfortunately there is no way to change the instance metadata that is obtained from Not just hostname, none of the fields in the meta-data can be updated.

the fully qualified name hostname -f came from the AWS default dns because the virtual machines check is hostname and in the /etc/resolv.conf there is like first search the dns for that region
  • don't change the /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg (this file is replaced every update) but put the config in the directory /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d
  • to have the hostname -f working you need to enable the management of the /etc/hosts from the template
cat /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/50_hosts.cfg
preserve_hostname: false
manage_etc_hosts: True
  • in the user-data field at machine creation time you put this code with the updates name
echo 'fqdn: pppp.aaaa.bbb' >> /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/99_hostname.cfg
echo 'hostname: pppp' >> /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/99_hostname.cfg
  • in this way the template of your configuration will be used in my case where I used red hat was this /etc/cloud/templates/hosts.redhat.tmpl

useful documentation about cloud-init :

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