Amazon Vpc

start docs page

Getting Started Guide
first info to create a vpc e first instances

propose a first simple configuration for vpc

FAQ about VPC in Italian Language

Confronto con EC2 e VPC amazon-faq-vpc-ec2

RDS inside vpc

Before create and rds instance inside vcp are necessary some steps descibed here
Assuming that you have already created a subnet because you have already configured your vpc

  1. Creating a DB Subnet Group
  2. Creating a VPC Security Group
  3. at the end Creating a DB Instance in a VPC

User Guide

Amazon VPC User Guide

VPN for vpc

You can create a vpn connection from your corporate network and one vpc, but very oftnet you need to have multiple VPCs and you can't create multiple vpn conncetions because it requires manual action on phisical routers and also multiple public ip on premise site ecc.

In this article there are some solutions proposed

  1. Use Direct Connect, this solution is more complex and also expensive than a VPC VPN solutions but also very powerful
  2. Use a Shared Services VPC , this means have one VPC with the VPN and in this VPC there are only proxy http/socks to connect from AWS to your company
  3. Transit VPC , one VPC with VPN and inside some ec2 machines that acts like routers, it is possible buy this on marketplace to have very good products
  4. Shared Service and Transit VPCs, mix the two solutions

Official document from AWS for Virtual Private Cloud Connectivity Options

Connect VPC from different regions and many VPN products

Amazon VPC from different Regions
this is a very hot topic and deserve his own page

NAT instances HA

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