Amazon Wordpress Ha Scalable

What to think when you want scale

  • how to syncro the wp-content directory in s3 for use cloudfront
  • syncro/update plugins , this change the php code that needs to be shared.
  • sessions sharing or not

Very interesting article about scaling

Plugin for S3


As is written in this article the core of wordpress don't use sessions but some plugins, e.g. wp-ecommerce, use it.
This article in the section "PHP Sessions" explain how to change the default path and share this in an nfs area.

A solution with GlusterFS and CloudFront

The article is interesting explain some solutions with pro/contro propose at the end this solution with GlusterFS

OPSWorks how to deploy a SINGLE instance in ops works with the recipe to give to chef .

To works you need also to personalize the chef recipe with the info of the db at least
the receipe to do this is here

Git to keep the status of the code with ElastickBeanstalk

in this article there is an explanation how to create wordpress inside beanstalk and how to commit into git.
They propose every time the php code change to update the instance.

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