Cloudfront And Ssl To Host Static Website

create a certificate

hosting a website with a custom domain

  • register a public domain on Route 53 , you can use also one not register in AWS and redirect the dns name server , suppose you choose
  • create two buckets, one to host the website the other one to redirect with the following names and
  • put the static pages in one of the buckets
  • setup route 53 with the alias as it is explained in the guide
  • setup a redirect from the empty bucket to the the other one.

add ssl

Which CloudFront SSL and

  • Dedicated IP Custom SSL 600 $ at month compatible with very old browsers
  • SNI Custom SSL , no additional cost
SNI Custom SSL works with most modern browsers, including Chrome version 6 and later (running on Windows XP and later or OS X 10.5.7 and later), Safari version 3 and later (running on Windows Vista and later or Mac OS X 10.5.6. and later), Firefox 2.0 and later, and Internet Explorer 7 and later (running on Windows Vista and later). Older browsers that do not support SNI cannot establish a connection with CloudFront to load the HTTPS version of your content
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