Devops Definitions

I would like to write something to define what is a devops

From Plutora website

You can throw as many automation tools at a large enterprise as you want, but until release management has visibility you will not achieve greater agility. DevOps is about communication.

This is the current picture of DevOps: these companies finally decided to let the developers have access to production-facing systems, and they were able to both cut out the “middle man” and move faster. This tool-driven aspect of DevOps is important, but it isn’t the full story.

You need a way to track the usage of cloud services, and, even when infrastructure is self-service, you need a window into how projects and developers are making use of these services.

Along with the capabilities introduced by tools like Puppet and Chef, you also need tools to sequence releases and guarantee that your own staff isn’t overwhelmed by the pace of automation.

Interesting article against the blue/green deployment

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