Automation tools to build infrastructure

I have used Ansible to build AWS simple infrastructure so I tested how this things work.

In a google group I found a good summary in 3 points:

  1. CAPS (Chef, Ansible, Puppet, Salt) are mainly for centrally controlling what lives inside a large number of instances. I.e. processes, files, etc.
  2. Terraform and CloudFormation are mainly for creating instances themselves (and other cloud resources like load balancers etc).
  3. I say "mainly" because both bleed a little into the other domain. E.g. CAPS often have capabilities to create instances etc, although not with as much power as terraform / CF. Likewise, one can use Terraform & CF to control the insides of instances at least at startup (via init scripts) and on GCE if you set up a metadata hook you can do it ongoingly as well.

I read also other things but more or less the summary is this , use the CAPS tool to do what they were created for (configuration management) and the same for Terraform/Cloudformation create infrastructure.
There is only one case where I choose a CAPS tool to build infrastructure and it is when I need a simple infrastructure with virtual machines and I need also to configure these machines. In this case I have the benefit to use 1 tool instead of 2 so I reduce complexity

Some tools to test

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