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Introduction to the Google Cloud Platform


  • IaaS infrastructure as a service : Google computer compute engine GCE , aws
  • Paas Platform as a Service : Google App Engine, AWS Elastick beanstalk
  • SaaS: Software as a service , google docs

Why google is better thant aws

  • GCA storage can read from other machines.
  • Global cros Region: the AMI can be read globally , in aws you need to copy the image
  • Ephemeral ip can be promoted to reserved engine
  • Integration with Google apps, drive, ecc.
  • the web interface is more simpler than asw
  • you can do ssh login by the browser

EC2 vs Google Compute Engine: comparing the big players in IaaS

Getting Started with Google Compute Engine


  • the stack feature is similar to elastick beanstalk on aws but
  • the project are a group of resources and it is a way to give permissions to users and setup other rules by group (firewall for example)

glcoud command line tool

## download and install the command line
curl | bash

## open a webpage to authenticate like normale google user 
gcloud auth login

## select the working project
gcloud config set project exploration

## open the man for the command in linux stile
gcloud help


Storage ==> Cloud Storage ==> Storage browser
you have the bucket like aws

Storage ==> Cloud Database
at the moment there is only one database mysql, amazon has a lot of db available in rds but probably they will add in the future.
seems possible switch off the database to sleep


keep the debian system upgraded
sudo apt-get install unattended-updgrade
sudo dpkg-reconfigure -plow unattended-upgrade

lock the root account
sudo usermod -L root

Data Management on Google Cloud Platform


gsutil it is a tar with the commands to run
you need to download and add the directory to the path

gsutil config

there is the usual auth code of by browser and it is necessary add the project id

create a new bucket

gsutil mb gs://bucketname

options to create a new bucket
gsutil mb -c DRA -l US-CENTRAL1 gs://mybucketname

DRA means durable
-l is the region US-CENTRAL1 is the default region

list all the bucket associated with this project

gsutil ls

move a file from my directory to the bucket

gsutil mv myfile.txt gs://bucketname

size of the bucket

gsutil du gs://mybucketname
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