Nagios Xi

You can download and use without activation for a 60 days trial period.

In the main nagios XI page there are 3 sections for documentation:

Manual Administration Guide


System Configuration:

  • COMPLETED Understanding And Using XI Dashboards
  • COMPLETED Understanding And Using Nagios XI Views

A. Monitoring Configuration

A. 1 Monitoring Websites With Nagios XI

  • The Website Wizard : checking common server/site metrics
  • The Website URL Wizard : is very similar to the Website wizard. It provides a URL status (does it return a valid HTTP OK message), as well as the ability to verify a particular string is found on the page (either literally or as a regular expression).
  • The Web Transactions wizard: A more complex use case of website monitoring would be if you expect the content to be dynamic with user input and actions, and want to test that those actions complete as expected. For instance, you might test that a search box works (and what results are returned), whether the purchase and checkout process of your web store is behaving properly, or that a user can log in successfully.$

A.2 Core Configuration Manager

XI Host Management

Configure ==> Core Configure Manager ==> Monitoring , in this tab you can have:

  • Host: the object to monitor usually a machine
  • Services: in which way monitor the object, ping/dns/http-check/ecc
Monitoring Hosts Using NRPE

you need to install:

  • the plugin server side
  • the agent in eache client
Monitoring Hosts Using SSH
  • you need to have nagios user on server and agent machines
  • you generate a key pair on server machine
  • copy the pub key on the agent nagios
  • use the plugin to to the checks by ssh
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