Guide online

Summarize of the online guide docs puppet labs

Puppet Book

'Pro Puppet'

Summarize of the book Pro Puppet

Puppet 3 Cookbook (real book)

251 pages about puppet a lots useful information. more than "pro puppet" Some notes about the book

Puppet Cookbook (many recipes gather in a site)

Very good reference with a lots of solution http://www.puppetcookbook.com/

Puppet open interface

Puppet Dashboard

This is free but is a dead project was replaced with foreman
Very useful tool when you have a lot of machine
Puppet Dashboard




Basically, you're going to have to ship your modules over to the new Master and reprovision your nodes, and sign their certs when they're all checked in with the Master.

If you're using PuppetDB, you could look at:

Module to verify if the code of version 3.8 is compatible with puppet 4

Module to update the puppet agent

Video online

Puppet conf 2015


Puppet Webminars

here http://puppetlabs.com/misc/webinars there are some webminars free to watch for understand puppet. In very webminar is written enterprise but the same things works on both version enterprise and not.

watched since now

  • Managing the Firewall with Puppet Enterprise Dec 3, 2013
  • Intro to Geppetto, a Puppet IDE. (it's a module of eclipse to write puppet code with the interface, useful to resolve dependencies correct the syntax error)

Learn Library of puppet labs

needs registration and at the moment the links on vimeo doesn't work

Puppet firewall

The official firewall module for puppet

Puppet master

Puppet Master


Puppet Summary

schedule jobs in cron like files and not users cron

Puppet roles & profiles

to study

Puppet inside amazon

starts from here http://puppetlabs.com/solutions/ec2 with puppet enterprise you can deploy directly the machine inside amazon with puppet and manage directly from there.

Create a simple environment to test a module

Puppet apply to test a module

Enterprise installation monolith and split

Puppet Enterprise Installation monolith and split

Advanced Features

Puppet Advanced Features

Puppet on Windows

Puppet on Windows

Puppet and eyaml , encription of hiera

Puppet Encription

Change web console parameters


Relationships and Ordering


Mcollective and puppet kick

Puppet Mcollective

Install a enterprise module

Puppet Install an enterprise module

Custom Fact

Custom Fact

Puppet enterprise Classification

Puppet Enterprise Classification

Publish a module on forge

Puppet publish a module on forge

Puppet Certification PT-203

Linux Academy Course (high quality and cheap)

Course for Puppet Professional Cert from linuxacademy

Rlindo githhub reference

Reference from Rlindo on github

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