Puppet Mcollective

Puppet kick

the puppet kick functionality is deprecated in puppet 3.0

puppet kick --trace --host <hostname> --debug

You could use a trace and debug for the command to see what's going on
kick won't work unless listen = true is set in the agent's puppet.conf.
Configure the node's firewall to allow incoming connections on port 8139

all the info


The vagrant environment

I have run and used with success the vagrant environment

Video from puppet page


+++First Video from google code - I guess it is very old
mc-find.hosts —with-id /neph/
it finds all the machine part of the name, interogaint the networkin

if run with no criteria it shows all the machine
interrogate and give back the ping time with the host

mc-facts country
it interrogate the machine with th facts

mc-service —with-class /dev_server/ httpd status
find all the machine with the class /dev_server/ and show the status

mc-service —with-class /dev_server/ httpd restart
find all the machine with that class and restart the httpd daemon

mc-rpc —agent rpctest —action echo —arg msg='hello world'
run in all the machine the echo hello world

you can write custom rpc to integrate with mcollective

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