Very powerful ftp server with web based access.
It's deployed in php.

Change the password

The new version do not use more the md5 password encription but sha. Are in able to read the md5 configuration.

If we not use the mysql db there is a file called users.ser with the syntax

s:5: »username »;s:77: »sha256:1000:[string]:[string] »

for every users

so you must change the second part with

s:32: »yourmd5here »

for example

s:5: »username »;s:32: »yourmd5here »

restart the web server (apache o other) and pay attention to the owner of the file remain www-data (or other if is another the user that own the web server)

Change the upload limits

source this guide

  • logout from all the pydio account (the change will be apply after the new login)
  • ssh on pydio server
  • modify the file /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini those two parameters
post_max_size = 1000M
upload_max_filesize = 1000M

I have chosen the max size of 1 GB
  • restart apache
  • login in thw web interface like administrator
  • go to "Global Configurations" » "Uploader Options"
  • put in the File Size the parameters to 0 and click save
  • after Save , pydio will put in byte the value of the parameters above
  • logout and login like user and you have the new limit available
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