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puppet and aws courses

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AWS Study Platform

  • Acloud.guru
  • Linuxacademy
  • Pluralsight
  • Qwik labs
  • CBT nuggets
  • Cloudacademy
  • Intellipaat

Linux Academy nuggets

Divided by categories


  • Creating An AWS EBS Snapshot Bash Backup Script
  • Configuring Internal Route53 DNS
  • Quick Deploy of Active Directory with AWS
  • DONE Cross Account Authentication With AWS Dashboard And IAM
  • Applying Chef To Your Auto Scaling AWS Applications
  • AWS Resource Groups
  • Working With AWS Config Service
  • Creating A Backup Script Using AWS CLI For Your Linux Machines

Active Directory and LDAP

  • Setting up Linux SSO logons with Linux and Active Directory
  • DONE What is Active Directory?
  • DONE LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)

Linux General

  • Creating a PXE boot server for kickstart automated installs
  • Ubuntu 15.04 and why we care?
  • Customizing Appearance and Color of Prompt
  • Package Dependencies
  • Open File Management
  • Background, Foreground and NOHUP In a Nutshell
  • SystemD vs. SysVinit Quick Hits
  • Setting and Using Static Routes
  • Using IOTOP to Understand Disk Performance
  • Send Email from the Command Line
  • HTTP at the Command Line
  • Write an ISO Image to Disc at the Command Line
  • Edit an ISO Image
  • Create an ISO Image At the Command Line
  • Changing Kernel Parameters
  • Identity Management with FreeIPA servers with CentOS 7 / RHEL 7
  • Local YUM REPO on CentOS 7 / RHEL 7 using DVD ISO
  • Bash: Sourcing External Files
  • System: Writing a Custom Java Service
  • MD5 Checksums and How to Use Them

Linux Security

  • Building a Firewall with IPTables
  • Encrypt a Folder
  • Security: Securing SSH
  • Security: How Nmap Can Be Used to Compromise Your System
  • How Netstat Can Be Used to Compromise Your System
  • Chroot and How to Use It


  • VirtualBox: Clone a VM and Change UUID Using Command Line
  • VirtualBox: Running a VM in Headless Mode
  • OpenStack Keystone - A Better Look at Identity Endpoints


  • LiveShow And Announcements April16
  • What Is DevOps And Do I need To Know How To Code?
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